Mirka got a Valued Red Dot Design Price

Mirka AOS-B 130NV sanding machine got 2017 Red Dot Design Price in Product Design category as the best sanding tool.

Mirka launched the battery-powered sanding machine in 2016. It has become a success in a short period in car paint shop and repair branch. It is the smallest battery-powered sanding machine in the markets for fixing paint flaws. It has been designed together with a Swedish Veryday design company.

Designed to be user friendly

Ergonomics has been a priority in design. The machine is easy to use and handle and it can be used for hours without the user getting tired. The small and light machine is also economic and efficient because the battery lasts long. That allows the user to fix pain flaws even 16 hours with only one charge.

The price is not Mirka’s first. Mirka® DEROS got Red Dot design price 2014.

The red dot is a sign of quality

International design price Red Dot has its background in Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen institute’s design competition in 1955. Nowadays the price is given in many categories to their best products. The main categories are Product Design, Communication Design and Design Concept. The red dot has become a globally known guarantee of quality.