KWH Logistics combines its ship agency operations under a new brand

KWH Logistics, one of KWH Group’s divisions, is uniting its ship agency operations under the new Galea Shipping brand.

In the future, KWH Logistics’ ship agency services will be provided centrally by Oy Galea Shipping Ab which has over 140 years of experience in logistics. In the new company structure, Rauanheimo‘s and Jalander‘s agency personnel will be merged into a new organization through a business transfer. Backman-Trummer‘s agency personnel will also be transferred to Galea Shipping.

With this transformation, Galea Shipping will form an exceptionally extensive service network in Finland, and their ship agency services will be available in all Finnish ports. The new company structure will enable customers to benefit from even more tailored and comprehensive services while maintaining familiar contacts and an agile approach.

Read more at Rauanheimo’s homepage.