Ethical Business Practices
and Raising of Concerns

KWH-yhtymän ja sen liiketoimintaryhmien logot.

The KWH Group of companies consists of its four divisions Mirka specialized in abrasives, KWH Logistics that offers logistic services, KWH Freeze offering frozen storage and KWH Invest consisting of strategic holdings and Prevex that manufactures water traps.

All KWH Group companies are fully committed to ethical business practices and to compliance with the laws and regulations of the countries where they operate. KWH Group’s core ethical values and standards are set out in the KWH Group’s Code of Conduct. KWH Group expects its business partners to live up to the same ethical values and standards as set out in KWH Group’s Business Partner Code of Conduct.

KWH Group encourages an open and honest culture where everyone can raise concerns about any suspected case of misconduct or unethical behavior. You can always raise such concerns with e.g. your manager, managers manager, local or division management team members or with Human Resources, Internal Control, Legal or Compliance functions. If that does not feel comfortable you may also use KWH Group’s confidential reporting system, the Ethics Line.

The Ethics Line is a confidential communication channel hosted by a third party, which allows employees and external stakeholders to report alleged misconduct confidentially and anonymously, when permitted by local legislation. You can read more about the Ethics Line in the Information regarding the Ethics Line.

We recommend that you report in Ethics Line instead of using local reporting channels, since reports in Ethics Line are handled by the KWH Group’s Compliance Team that has knowledge and experience to perform investigations professionally and unbiasedly and with connections to internal experts and external service providers for support and advice.

KWH companies in the EU with more than 50 employees have also established local internal whistleblowing channels for the reporting of breaches of legislation in the areas which are under the scope for the EU Whistleblower Directive and thereto related national laws. Such areas are e.g. environmental protection, public health, product safety and compliance, privacy and personal data, public procurement, financial services, transport safety, food safety/animal health, nuclear safety or consumer protection. Reports to such local internal whistleblowing channels will be handled by locally appointed persons from the management of the local company.

KWH Group is committed to protect the rights and privacy of anyone raising a concern in good faith and do not tolerate any form of retaliation.

Information about how KWH Group collects and processes personal data received in the Ethics Line and the local internal reporting channels is available in the KWH Group Ethics Line channel privacy statement.