Board of Directors

The KWH Group’s Board of Directors currently has eight members and one secretary. Many of the board members are shareholders, so the owners have a strong position regardless of whether there are shareholders in the operational management or not. The Board’s mission is to manage the KWH Group’s affairs on behalf of the owners. The Board is responsible for ensuring that the Group is managed efficiently and in accordance with good business principles. The Board approves the KWH Group’s business strategy, strategic goals, risk strategy and management, as well as follows and monitors these.

Björn H_2024

Björn Höglund

M Sc (Econ)
Chairman since 2023, Board Member since 2022
Fredric T_2024

Fredric Tidström

M. Sc. (Econ)
Vice Chairman since 2023
Peter H_2024

Peter Höglund

Board Member since 1973, Chairman 1988–1997
Sofia K_2024

Sofia Kohtala

Hotel and Restaurant Manager
Board Member since 2014
Caj-Anders S_2024

Caj-Anders Skog

M Sc (Econ)
Board Member since 2016
Janneke vW_2024

Janneke Von Wendt

MSc (Econ)
Board Member since 2016
Anders H_2020

Anders Höglund

M. Sc. (Econ)
Board Member since 2024
Stefan W_2024

Stefan Wikman

LL.M. with court training
Board Member since 2019
Johan H_2024

Johan Heikfolk

Secretary of the Board since 2017

Group Management

The KWH Group’s Group Management consists of Heads of Divisions or CEOs and the parent company’s managers. Group management members are responsible for a business division or group function and the Group President leads Group development work and supports the rest of the management. The Group Management is a diverse team that executes the Board’s decisions and sets the framework and direction for the organization. The management is responsible for ensuring that goals and strategies are fulfilled and for structuring and leading the Group’s operations to achieve set goals.

Kjell A_2024

Kjell Antus

M Sc (Econ)
Group President & Head of Division, KWH Invest
Johan H_2024

Johan Heikfolk

General Counsel, KWH Group
Calle T_2024

Carl-Magnus Tidström

M Sc (Econ)
Head of Administration and Finance, KWH Group
Stefan S_2024

Stefan Sjöberg

M Sc (Econ)
Head of Division, Mirka
Joakim L_2024

Joakim Laxåback

Forestry engineer, MBA
Head of Division, KWH Logistics
Peter L_2024

Peter Lång

Bachelor of Commerce
Head of Division, KWH Freeze
Marko N_2024

Marko Nylund

M.Sc. (Eng), MBA
CEO, Prevex