KWH Group

KWH Group Ltd is the parent company of the Group. Head office is located in Vaasa, Finland.

The KWH Group is a significant Ostrobothnian family-owned company which manufactures and markets abrasives and water traps as well as offers freight forwarding and logistics services. It was born through a merger in the 1980s of Oy Wiik & Höglund Ab, established in 1929, and Oy Keppo Ab, established in 1937. KWH Group is one of the largest two hundred companies in Finland.

The KWH Group is divided into four independent divisions, Mirka, KWH Logistics, KWH Freeze and KWH Invest. The biggest part of the company is Mirka that specializes in abrasives and sanding and polishing machines.

KWH Logistics consists of Backman-Trummer which dates back to 1800’s. Backman-Trummer Group includes the companies Oy Blomberg Stevedoring Ab, A. Jalander Oy, Oy M. Rauanheimo Ab, Blomberg Rent Oy, Oy Adolf Lahti Yxpila Ab, Oy Moonway Ab, Stevena Oy and Oy Otto Rodén Ab.

KWH Freeze is Finland´s biggest company that offers cold storage.

KWH Invest includes Oy Prevex Ab which manufactures water traps. In addition KWH Invest manages industrial properties and strategic shareholdings.