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KWH Group’s second sustainability report published

The KWH Group published its second Group-wide sustainability report at the end of May. The report describes the KWH Group’s objectives, tools and actions to promote sustainability. It also presents the key sustainability indicators for the KWH Group and its business groups.


Mirka Acquired Robotics Specialist Flexmill

Our biggest subsidiary Mirka announced the acquisition of 100% of the shares of the Finnish robotics company Flexmill, based in Nurmijärvi outside of Helsinki. The acquisition gives Mirka the possibility to offer complete solutions and integration services for automated and robotized surface finishing.

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We support relief efforts in Ukraine

The KWH Group and our four divisions Mirka, KWH Logistics, KWH Freeze and Prevex donate a total of € 25,000 to support various relief efforts in war-torn Ukraine. Most go to the Finnish Red Cross (FRK). Support is also given to Nada Nord ra, which arranges bus transports from Poland to Pietarsaari, Finland for women and children fleeing Ukraine.

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Covid 19 -pandemic caused surprises in KWH Group’s result

The KWH Group was also hit hard by the Covid 19 -pandemic in the Spring 2020, but the situation improved sharply towards the end of the year. After the crash in the spring, our operations recovered strongly, operating profit was better than last year, and sales fell only by two per cent.

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2019 – A year of investments

The KWH Group´s year 2019 was marked by record investments which totaled EUR 135 million. As some of the investments will be completed in 2020, this year’s investments will also be high.

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KWH – a group in constant change

Most companies in Finland do not live to see their fifth birthday, but KWH Groups turns 90 years on August 28, 2019. Behind the success lies the ability to adapt the business to changes in the environment, a combination of ending such activities that no longer work and to invest in new niches with potential.