Prevex renews its organization

Prevex that produces world´s most space saving, and innovative water traps has renewed its organization during summer by recruiting new CEO, executive vice president and HR-manager.


Prevex strengthens its position in Europe

Prevex Group bought the family-owned company Winkiel in Poland in 2016 and has ever since been preparing its Polish acquisition for a new beginning. By changing Winkiel’s name to Prevex Poland, the company now marks a completed restructuring process in Poland, as well as a unified and international organisation within Prevex.

KWH Group

KWH Group keeps growing

The year 2017 has been a time for strong growth for KWH Group. The growth means also need for new personnel and know-how. KWH Group has hired over 100 people after the beginning of the year and has now almost 2000 employees.