2021 was a record year for the KWH Group

The year of 2021 was time of strong growth. Turnover and operating profit reached their highest level ever in the KWH Group’s history.

The turnover for the Group reached a total of 593 million Euro. Compared to previous year increased turnover by 91.5 million Euro or 18.3%. The operating profit improved by 14 million Euro for a total of 71 million Euro. The recovery of the economy after the Covid-19 Pandemic was very strong, which can be seen the KWH Group’s figures.

– The KWH Group is emerging stronger from the corona pandemic. This was achieved through a mix of successful business strategy, active leadership, and a good cooperation between all employee groups, states Kjell Antus, Group President.

The KWH Group invested for a total of 70 million Euro, half of which was targeted in Mirka.

– The large investments of the previous three years are starting to show results both in terms of turnover and profitability, Antus continues.

Our powerful growth shows also in the increase in our work force. At the end of 2021 we employed 2,524 people. That is 177 more than a year before. Personnel increased most at Mirka (142 persons), but also KWH Logistics and Prevex increased their personnel both with around 20 people.

– In order to meet the competition for labour we take care to create pleasant workplaces and a safe working environment. As a family-owned growth company our priority is long term growth and profitability over short term gains, which is something that is shown by the way in which we face different challenges.

Year 2022 started strong. But in light of the crisis in Ukraine and the economical sanctions directed towards Russia as well as Russian countermeasures it seems like we are facing a period of uncertainty.

– In order to meet these challenges, the Group has prepared necessary action plans. In this way we will be prepared to act quickly and adapt to what is happening in the world, conludes Antus.

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