The first Sustainability Report at Group level

The KWH Group has published its first Sustainability Report. It includes both the KWH Group, as well as the companies in each division. The report covers the year 2022.

The KWH Group’s sustainability reporting started with a materiality analysis to understand the sustainability aspects on which we have the greatest impact, and which reflect the expectations and demands of our stakeholders. The analysis resulted in a common ESG strategy for the group, covering our key sustainability ambitions.

– In 2023, we will continue implementing our strategy with the help of our ESG handbook. The sustainability reporting for 2022 provides a good basis for monitoring the development of our sustainability work in the coming years, explains CFO Carl-Magnus Tidström.

Based on the analysis, the KWH Group will invest especially in maintaining active ownership and implementing sustainability in the KWH companies, promoting the circular economy through innovation and green technology, and reducing our carbon footprint and energy consumption.

– Sustainable business development is a prerequisite for our companies to be competitive also in the future and ultimately achieve better profitability, says Tidström.

KWH Group has done the sustainability report with reference to the GRI Standards (Global Reporting Initiative) for the period 1st of January to 31st of December 2022. The report will be published annually. The Swedish consulting firm Ethos, specialising in sustainability reporting, has helped with the data collection and reporting.

Read the Sustainability Report as a pdf file.