KWH Logistics: New name, new brand

KWH Logistics, formerly known as Backman-Trummer Group, has renewed both its name and its brand.

During the last decade, KWH Logistics has grown into a large logistics group, consisting of nearly a dozen subsidiaries. The strong growth has resulted in a position as Finland’s leading port operator as well as the biggest player in transit traffic.

“As a group, we have earlier had quite a low profile. Due to our new market position, we thought it was time for us to enhance our brand. We want to look as big as we actually are,” explains CEO Hannu Uusi-Pohjola.

In spring 2019, the group changed its marketing name to KWH Logistics. Moreover, KWH Logistics introduced a new logo and visual identity, which is similar for all subsidiaries.

“We wanted to brand ourselves as a group and modernize our visual appearance. Still it was important to keep the subsidiaries names as they are both known and successful in their own fields.”

In conjunction with the branding process, a customer survey was carried out. It clearly showed that KWH Logistic’s biggest competitive advantage is the company’s ability to make large investments.

“We think it is possible to improve the competitiveness of our customers by making the logistic chains smarter. This usually includes making investments, which is no problem for us thanks to our solid owner.”

Subsidiaries of KWH Logistics

International transports

Port logistics
Blomberg Stevedoring
Rodén Shipping

Industrial services
Adolf Lahti
Vaasa Stevedoring

Cold storage
KWH Freeze