KWH Group keeps hiring and investing

The number of employees in the KWH Group grew by 269 on average in 2018. At the year-end, the Group had 2,241 employees. The plan is to recruit more than 100 new employees in 2019.

The Group invests in personnel

– We continue to invest in the development of our employees and offer opportunities for continuous professional development and greater professional expertise. Our growth strategy has entailed planned cost increases for employees and investments in equipment and facilities, says CEO Kjell Antus.

The KWH Group is undergoing a very expansive growth phase. It did a record result. Sales increased by 8%. Investments during last year reached almost EUR 60 million, and the Group is planning for continued record investments in 2019 as well.

– Our long-term, targeted strategies opened new business opportunities during the year. These projects will be of great significance to the growth and profitability of the Group in the long term, Antus continues.

Need for experts

Of all its markets, the domestic market in Europe grew particularly well for Mirka last year. It hired around 150 new employees. KWH Logistics increased its sales by nearly 15% on the previous year. Prevex has concentrated on developing its organization and launched a totally new type of a water trap.

Mirka has hired sales, marketing, communications and product development personnel. They have also hired personnel to the factory. The positions have mainly been in Ostrobothnia. KWH Logistics has hired mainly in Southern Finland for example as stevedores, foremen, mechanics and shipping agents, but also to Ostrobothnia. Prevex has hired mostly to management positions in Ostrobothnia. The search of competent personnel continues in the subsidiaries also this year. The parent company has also at the moment an open vacancy for an Accounting Controller.

– The challenge is to find employees with the special knowledge required. Skilled, motivated employees are the key to our ability to perform better than our competitors in the long term, says Antus.

KWH Group’s Annual Review can be read in the address