KWH Group’s second sustainability report published

The KWH Group published its second Group-wide sustainability report at the end of May. The report describes the KWH Group’s objectives, tools and actions to promote sustainability. It also presents the key sustainability indicators for the KWH Group and its business groups.

The KWH Group’s corporate strategy is to create value in our business divisions and build successful businesses by means of long-term ownership. Long-term value is generated in the companies by taking an active approach to sustainability in the Group. In addition to being a potential competitive advantage, sustainability is also key to reducing the Group’s impact on the climate.

– The past year has shown how global sustainability initiatives and regulatory requirements continue to shape the business environment. At European level, the regulatory requirements for companies have started to become clearer, and some companies are preparing to report under the new statutory requirements of the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD). Although the KWH Group is not yet subject to these new requirements, we are already preparing for them, which will also enhance our competitiveness, says Group CEO Kjell Antus.

In 2022, the KWH Group conducted a materiality analysis to identify priority sustainability issues and areas for the Group. The materiality analysis also included an impact analysis in which each aspect was evaluated based on the KWH Group’s environmental and social impact, and how these affect us as a company financially in the short and long terms.

To meet the requirements of CSRD, in 2024 we will update our materiality analysis, which will allow us to focus on the areas that are material to the KWH Group. At the same time new ESG targets will be set.

The KWH Group report has been prepared with reference to the GRI Standards and covers the period 1 January 2023 to 31 December 2023. We publish sustainability reports annually. The information contained in this report has not been externally verified.  The report was carried out by the consultation firm Ethos.

The report is available as an pdf file.