Mirka is launching the world’s first smart electric sander

Mirka® AIROS is the first smart electric sander for robotic sanding applications. Integrated with OEMs’ robotic systems or collaborative robots it can carry out intensive, high workload sanding, where precision and minimal maintenance is critical.

The launch of Mirka’s Automated Industrial Programme marks years of development in partnership with major vehicle manufacturers in the automotive and transport industries. It is currently being piloted by a range of industry sectors.

The Mirka Automated Industrial Programme is a combination of hardware and consumables for a robotic solution for customers, including the dedicated AIROS sanding head and a wide range of abrasives, and it comes with 75 years of Mirka technical knowledge, R&D and experience in the abrasives industry.

– We are seeing increasing usage of robots for improving cost-effective production. Our advanced Automated Industrial Programme can be integrated into two different categories of robots – from the simple to programme and growing “cobot” or collaborative robot, to the more industrial robot models – and it can be installed very easily, without requiring special tooling, to provide total control over the RPM and steering. Pneumatic tools that are usually used do not have that level of control, which can lead to ‘over-sanding’ in sensitive areas, says Mats Bystedt, Portfolio Manager at Mirka.

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