Mr. Kjell Antus new Group President

Kjell Antus, M Sc (Econ) has been appointed Group President as of January 1, 2017. Antus is employed by KWH since 1989, lastly as CFO and Head of Division KWH Invest.

– I have learnt to know KWH years, so it felt right to accept the challenge when it was offered to me. Despite of the recession, the KWH Group has invested in people as well as product and process development to ensure our future competitiveness and business opportunities, says Antus.

Kjell Antus succeeds Peter Höglund who retired in December 2016.

Other appointments

At the same time has Carl-Magnus Tidström, M Sc (Econ) appointed as Financial Officer in KWH Group. He has previously been in charge of Group’s cash and financial risk management.

Eija Savela, M Sc (Econ) has been chosen as Group Controller as of December 1, 2016.

Miia Mäntylä, M Sc (Econ) has started as Executive Secretary on December 7, 2016.