KWH Group one of the Strongest companies in Finland for 14 years

The KWH Group is one of Finland’s Strongest companies according to a credit classification by Suomen Asiakastieto. Therefore, we have been granted the Strongest in Finland Platinum certificate.

A company can use the certificate only if it has belonged to the Strongest in Finland at least for three years in a row. We have belonged to the Strongest already for fourteen years, 2007–2020.

Golden circle and text on a black bottom: The Strongest in Finland Platinum 2007-2020 KWH Group Ltd.The certificate is a sign of the KWH Group’s creditworthiness and solidity that has lasted for years. For example, financial ratios, background information and payment behavior work as a basis for the credit classification. A high credit classification reveals that a company has taken good care of its financials.

– The KWH Group’s strength has long been its high solidity. This means that we do not have to immediately take out a loan if we face a crisis. Our liquidity is also good, which means that we can easily manage our commitments to employees and suppliers. Of course, it is encouraging to be recognized for that, says CEO Kjell Antus.

– We have a tradition of “collecting in barns” for worse times. In crisis situations, we also benefit from being a diversified conglomerate. Therefore, it is really no surprise that year after year we are one of the Strongest in Finland, says the Chairman of the Board Henrik Höglund.

The Strongest in Finland Platinum certificate is based on Rating Alfa classification and a company is allowed to use the certificate when it has belonged to the highest category of classification (AAA, AA+) at least for three years. The classification is granted by Suomen Asiakastieto Oy.