Changes to the Group Board of Directors

The KWH Group’s Annual General Meeting at the end of April made changes to the Board of Directors.

Björn Höglund.
Björn Höglund

Henrik Höglund, who had been on the board since 1974 and chairman since 1998, made room for the next generation. Björn Höglund, M.Sc (Econ), was elected as the new Chairman of the Board. Björn Höglund is also co-owner of Keppo Brewery and Station 23 restaurant.

Fredric Tidström.
Fredric Tidström

Ola Tidström, who has been a board member since 1975 and vice-chairman since 1993, is also leaving the board. He was replaced by Fredric Tidström, M.Sc (Econ). Fredric Tidström is Managing Director of Orapac Ab. In addition, Christian Höglund, M.Sc (Econ), co-owner of Axopar Boats Oy, was elected as a new member of the Board.