The KWH Group is a Continuous Achiever 2016–2020

The KWH Group is one of the few companies that a financial analytics professional has found to perform better than its peers – for five years in a row!

Financial statements reveal Achievers 

Blue seal with a text: Achievers 2016-2020.Alma Talent Tietopalvelut annually analyses the success of Finnish companies using adjusted financial statements. In the Achiever rating, a company’s financial performance is measured in six different areas. For each area, the company is scored in its own size class, both compared to all companies in the Alma Talent Information Services database and compared to other companies in the same industry.

The Achiever rating measures both financial risk and business success. Financial risk rises well for companies with less than 30 points, and is remarkably low for companies with more than 50 points. The KWH Group received 73 points in the analysis. The certificate also anticipates the future success of the company. The ability to indicate future success makes the usability of the rating more diversified compared to a traditional credit rating.

Many things affect success

Success consists on several different areas: skilled management, dedicated staff, efficient processes, and customer understanding.

– I am delighted to know that we are an Achiever for a fifth year in a row, even though only 2% of Finnish companies belong to Continuous Achievers, says Group CEO Kjell Antus.

– We would not have succeeded in this without competent and committed staff, skilled management and loyal customers.