M. Rauanheimo Responsible for Harbour Operations of the New Bioproduct Mill with VR

Vuosaari Harbour will serve as the export harbour for the new bioproduct mill in Äänekoski.

Responsible for the rail transport of goods and for harbour operations will be VR Transpoint in cooperation with Oy M. Rauanheimo Ab. Export logistics will be based on a comprehensive new solution.

Metsä Group is building the world’s first next-generation bioproduct mill in Äänekoski. The mill will produce around 1.3 million tonnes of pulp per year, as well as other bioproducts and bioenergy. The bioproduct mill will export around 800,000 tonnes of pulp per year, mainly to Europe and Asia. Metsä Group, the Port of Helsinki and the City of Helsinki have reached an agreement on the use of the Vuosaari Harbour, which will serve as the export harbour for the bioproduct mill in Äänekoski.