KWH Group keeps growing

The year 2017 has been a time for strong growth for KWH Group. The growth means also need for new personnel and know-how. KWH Group has hired over 100 people after the beginning of the year and has now almost 2000 employees.

Mirka that manufactures abrasives and polishing machines in Jepua, Oravainen, Pietarsaari and Karjaa has recruited personnel many times under the year. Also, Prevex that manufactures siphon systems in Uusikaarlepyy and Backman-Trummer and its subsidiaries that are in the logistics branch all over Finland have hired people to many positions.

– The whole world and Finland with it have finally gotten their economies growing. We in KWH Group have knowingly under many years invested in personnel, know-how and product development, and prepared us for the growth. Now it is the time to benefit from it, says CEO Kjell Antus.

– At the same time, it is important to make sure that we have the right resources in regards of the digitalizing business life and fast technical development of the future. Therefore, we are going to continue recruiting.