Prevex renewed its brand

Prevex has been working hard on a major brand reform last year. The goal has been to create a modern brand that reflects the professionalism of the company. The guiding principles were the desire to continue to grow and the need to find new markets in Europe.

Identification of new customer groups

– Prevex has traditionally operated as a typical industrial supplier. However, in recent years in particular, operations have focused on an increasingly diversified market. As our target group has changed over time and differences have been identified in the traditional target groups, there was a need to know the customers more deeply and clearly, says CEO Marko Nylund.

Last year, a lot of time was initially spent on thorough groundwork. It focused on qualitative analysis of customer groups to identify groups of interest and to understand their operations.

A new visual identity

Prevexin logo All about water traps -tekstillä.A more prominent part of the brand work has been the redesign of the company logo and colours.

– Basically, our entire visual profile has been updated. We have taken our customer groups as a starting point, but we have also identified factors that we believe are important to us in our industry as a company now and in the future, says Marketing Director Camilla Wikman.

The focus on the B2B market and reflections on professionalism and high technical know-how, together with the Nordic tradition, created the framework for brand reform. Also sustainability is reflected more strongly in the new brand than before.

– Our next big job is to renew all our product packages so that they are in line with our new brand, continues Wikman.