Prevex renews its organization

Prevex that produces world´s most space saving, and innovative water traps has renewed its organization during summer by recruiting new CEO, executive vice president and HR-manager.

Marko Nylund has in July been appointed as new CEO. He has since September 2018 worked as the executive vice president in the company.

– It is natural that Marko now will take the responsibility as the company´s new CEO. He has worked in the company almost a year, has learned to know the company and has also actively worked with developing structures and processes in the company, says Kjell Antus, chairman of the board at Prevex and CEO of the KWH Group.

Petter Lingonblad starts as new executive vice president and sales director at Prevex in August. He has a wide experience of digital business models.

– We need to strengthen the digital business perspective also at Prevex and then it´s important that the sales process is lead by person with that competence, says Marko Nylund, CEO.

Kenneth Holmgård starts as a new HR-manager in the middle of August. He has experience from developing HR from different perspectives during many years.

– We need to have people that feel good in our organization. Kenneth has that kind of experience that will suit us very well, Nylund continues.