KWH Group Ltd – A family-owned growth company

The KWH Group has a long history of renewal

The KWH Group has its roots in the timber trade in the 1920s and 1930s. Investments were subsequently made in fur animal breeding as well as plastic products such as expanded polystyrene, floor tiles, plastic pipes and plastic film. In the following decades, investments were made in what forms the basis of today´s diversified business; logistics in the 1950s, abrasives in the 1960s and water traps in the 1980s.

Over the years, we have invested in companies in attractive new markets and industries and have also divested companies along the way. The KWH Group and its predecessors have never been afraid to renew. Our ability to constantly seize new opportunities and create customer value has meant that the KWH Group has developed over time into a diversified, international industrial group and service provider in the logistics industry. Diversity, courage to innovate and flexibility have also helped us minimize the effect of the corona pandemic to our businesses.

The KWH Group is a family company with strong roots in Ostrobothnia. Our industrial knowledge, our networks and our financial solidity give us a solid foundation on which to build for the future.

KWH at glance


  • Manufactures abrasives, polishing compounds, grinding machines and accessories and offers solutions for surface finishing and precision industry.
  • Has 18 subsidiaries and 4 branch offices around the world. Production in Finland, Italy, and Belgium. About 97 % of the products are exported and sold in over 100 countries.

KWH Logistics

  • Port Logistics, International Transports, and Industrial Services: Port operations, transport, storage, in-plant service logistics, stevedoring and global logistics solutions for export industry and trade.

KWH Freeze

  • Finland’s largest cold storage operator. Close to half of the frozen foodstuffs consumed in Finland pass through its warehouses.

KWH Invest

  • Prevex: One of Europe’s leading manufactures of water traps. Develops, designs, and produces water traps and related products for the kitchen and bathroom industry.
  • Has factories in Nykarleby and Jakobstad, Finland and in Poznan, Poland. Prevex exports 90% of its products.
  • Strategic holdings: Uponor Infra Ltd, share of ownership 45%, production of various plastic pipe systems.

Operating principles

An industrial growth company

  • We are a knowledge company that focuses on expertise, professionalism, and quality.
  • We are a committed long-term owner aiming for growth in our businesses through our financial strength and industrial know-how.

Renewal through innovation

  • Our subsidiaries conduct internationally competitive, knowledge-intensive, and service-oriented niche business. We achieve this through digitalization and both technical and commercial innovation.
  • Our business is built around unique products and processes or a unique industry position. That gives us long-term competitive advantages.

Core values

Customer first

  • Our goal is to create value and contribute to solutions for our customers

Innovative solutions

  • Our subsidiaries are know-how leaders in their lines of business
  • We have the ambition to become best-in-class in our main processes
  • We continuously seek and develop new business opportunities

Committed employees

  • We focus on well-being, motivation, and creativity
  • We give all employees the opportunity to fulfil their potential

Sustainable business

  • We run our businesses in a responsible, long-term, and sustainable manner

Effective risk management

  • Our renewal is based on financial strength and well-balanced risks