KWH's Annual Review 2021

A family-owned growth company


A year of strong growth

2021 turned out to be just as exciting as we had expected. Despite having lived with the Covid-19 Pandemic now for more than two years it is not over yet. The consequences of new outbreaks have decreased considerably however, and we have all learned to live with, and manage through the pandemic.

Turnover 2021

KWH's turnover divide with exports, foreign operations and Finland.

Personnel 2021

KWH:s personnel in divisions.

Key figures 2021


Turnover MEUR


Investments MEUR




Operating Profit MEUR


Return on Capital Employed


Equity Ratio


Rapid recovery

The rapid recovery of Mirka after the initial pandemic shock saw a strong continuation during all of 2021. The company achieved sales records month after month and was also able to capture new market shares.

KWH Logistics

The best year ever

The year 2021 was one of the best years ever for KWH Logistics. The large investments made during the last years have started bearing fruit and the company grew within all segments.

KWH Freeze

An independent division

KWH Freeze has concluded a series of large investments and now constitutes its own division within the KWH Group. The company has worked with digitalization in order to reduce its carbon footprint.


Saves a million kg of plastic per year

Prevex saves a million kilos of new plastic a year, as all water traps will contain at least 50% recycled plastic. The goal is to create the most sustainable water traps in the world.

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