Uponor Infra

Den 1.7.2013 startade Uponor Infra Oy sin verksamhet när KWH-koncernens och Uponor Oyj:s affärsverksamhet för infrastrukturlösningar fusionerades. Uponor Infra Oy har Uponor som majoritetsägare (55,3%) och konsolideras i Uponor som segmentet Infrastruktur. KWH-koncernen äger 44,7 % av aktierna.

The Company’s sales amounted to EUR 252.0 (243.9) million. Uponor Infra continued the successful execution of its profitability improvement strategy, which also had a negative impact on net sales.

The general situation has affected demand in Uponor Infra’s most important markets. Overall demand in the main markets is expected to be stable in the coming years.