Valkoinen vesilukko, jonka yläpuolella kädet.


Focus on sustainable energy and more efficient management

Prevex is one of the few companies worldwide specialising in water traps. The company is able to operate in such a narrow niche segment because the KWH Group looks at all its subsidiaries as a whole, and the overall risk diversification in the Group is therefore at an acceptable level. Working with its customers, Prevex develops flexible water traps for kitchens and bathrooms that are easy to install and clean.

Prevex has been growing fast for many years, with the result that not all processes in the company have kept pace with developments. The company began a thorough update of its processes in 2018, and a new ERP system was taken into use in 2019.

Prevex' turnover 2015-2019.

Prevex' personnel 2015-2019.

Prevex' investments 2015-2019.

Fact-based decisions

With the new ERP system as a platform, Prevex is working hard to improve the availability of facts for decision-making. This entails systematically building up a more efficient data collection from various sources to permit decisions to be based on real, reliable figures.

The new way of working offers opportunities for more efficient management of production and sales and has already resulted in improved stock-keeping and production logistics. The work also makes it possible to integrate the production plants in Poland and Finland.

HR and participation

Prevex has also taken a closer look at HR issues. The HR department has been strengthened, and the new office being built in Nykarleby will offer employees an open, pleasant working environment.

Prevex is also working to change its corporate culture. In 2019, it drew up a new set of company values with an emphasis on participation and shared understanding. The new values are honesty, respect and commitment. The role of supervisors has been enhanced, and they have greater support to permit delegation of decision-making.

Map of Prevex locations in Europe.

Sustainable materials and renewable energy

Prevex works intensively on sustainability issues with its customers and suppliers. In 2019, the company took a huge step forward in this area when the factory in Nykarleby, Finland, switched to using 100% renewable energy. The power is generated by hydropower, while district heating is produced with biofuels.

A decision has also been made to install solar cells on the roof of the factory in 2020. Heat pump solutions are also planned and will reduce the company’s energy consumption.

Sustainability has also become a priority in product development. To reduce its carbon footprint, Prevex has begun looking into alternative raw materials for its water traps, which are traditionally made of plastic. The greatest emphasis is on making the packaging for water traps greener.

Prevexin johtoryhmää.
Marko Nylund (CEO, Prevex Group), Marcin Kowalski (CEO, Prevex Poland), Camilla Wikman (CMO, Prevex Group), Krystian Kryskowiak (Chief Purchase and Logistics Manager, Prevex Poland)
Prevexin johtoryhmää.
Filip Jankowski (Sales Director, Continental Europe), Peter Engstrand (Sales Director, Nordic countries), Thomas Nyström (CFO, Prevex Group), Petter Lingonblad (Executive Vice President, Prevex Finland)