Annual Review 2023

Group President Kjell Antus:

KWH Group invests heavily in sustainable development

As expected, the first half of 2023 was challenging. However, in the latter part of the year we started to observe a gradual recovery in our manufacturing units, while an increase in volume in the logistics sector was slow to materialise.

KWH Group turnover 2019-2023.

KWH Group personnel 2019-2023.

Key Figures

611 MEUR



Investments in Finland







Unpredictability is the new normal


We are now starting to see the full effect of the investments we have made in digitalisation.

A year of upheaval

KWH Logistics

Since we believe in the future, we continued to invest heavily.

A stable, steady year

KWH Freeze

We have been looking for a solution to waste heat issue for more than ten years and last year we took a big step forward.

The world’s most environmentally-friendly water trap

KWH Invest: Prevex

In 2023, the proportion of recycled raw materials in Prevex water traps was already 55% on average.


In 2023, we monitored the progress of the ESG strategy’s targets and KPIs by collecting a wide range of sustainability data from all business divisions.

For us, working sustainably means including social, environmental and economic aspects in both decision-making at strategic level and in our day-today work. We believe that sustainable business development is a prerequisite for long-term value creation and for building future-proof companies.

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