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KWH Freeze

A stable, steady year

After a few turbulent years with large investments, the pandemic and skyrocketing energy prices, I can say that 2023 was a stable year for KWH Freeze. We have invested heavily in our warehouses over the past five years and were able to fully capitalise on them. Volumes were steady and stable, and in 2023 energy prices also stabilised, coming down from the very high levels of the previous year. This is of course gratifying for those of us working in an exceptionally energy-intensive industry.

Peter Lång.The big investment boom is now behind us and at present we do not have any concrete expansion plans, but we are nevertheless making long-term preparations for new investments in the future. To pave the way for future investments, we have secured certain land areas in the vicinity of our warehouse in Vantaa.

KWH Freeze has faced challenges in finding labour for a long time, especially during the spring and summer peak season. However, we were very successful in this respect last year thanks to new recruitment channels. We have also managed to keep the quality of our work high, which is reflected in satisfied customers and stable results in staff surveys. Staff skills development was a particular focus area last year.

The major sustainability issue for us at KWH Freeze relates to our energy use, and how we can harness the waste heat generated in our cooling process. We have been looking for a solution to this issue for more than ten years and I am happy to say that we took a big step forward last year. We hope to present the concrete plans in 2024. Our ultimate goal is to become carbon neutral and we are now closer to that goal than ever before.

Peter Lång
Head of Division, KWH Freeze

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Eija Savela.

Eija Savela, CFO

Mika Halvorsen.

Mika Halvorsen, Development Manager

Anu Saari.

Anu Saari, IT Manager

Jonne Siitari.

Jonne Siitari, IT and Process Coordinator

Kim Elonen.

Kim Elonen, Risk Management and Safety Manager

Anne Turunen.

Anne Turunen, Chief Accountant

Jari Paasonen.

Jari Paasonen, Warehouse Manager

Stefan Thilman.

Stefan Thilman, Warehouse and Transportation Superior