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KWH Freeze

A return to normal

For KWH Freeze, 2022 was something of a return to normal after the pandemic. We returned to the volumes we were used to before the pandemic, mainly owing to the fact that the operations of restaurant and catering customers finally stabilised after a couple of years of restrictions.

It is also gratifying that we were able to return to normal in terms of our staff. We were able to meet physically at Christmas parties and on TYKY days (short for ‘Työkyvyn ylläpitäminen’ in Finnish, ‘maintaining the ability to work’ in English). In general, human resources issues are something we focused on during the year. We actively sought partnerships with vocational schools and colleges to ensure the future availability of staff. We also carried out a major project on working instructions in video format, which was appreciated by the staff.

Another area we focused on is sustainability. The big sustainability issue for KWH Freeze is how we can make use of the waste heat generated in our cold storage warehouses. We have already been reusing some of the heat for our own use for a long time, but there is enough for others too. In 2022, investigations continued in this area, and we are now one step closer to a solution.

Another step we took in the environmental field is to increase the number of solar panels on the roofs of our buildings. In the spring of 2022, additional solar panels went into operation, which means we now produce eight per cent of our own electricity consumption.

Over the past five years, KWH Freeze has made a number of major investments, increasing our capacity by 20 per cent. In February 2022, the last in a series of new investments was put into operation when we opened a 5,500 m2 extension. We are now taking a breather before it is time for new investments in the future.

Peter Lång.Personally, I am now looking forward to a calmer time after all the Covid disruption. At this stage, it is still unclear how any recession will affect us, but as we work in a particularly electricity-intensive industry, I am nevertheless pleased that electricity prices now seem to have come down from their peak levels at the end of 2022. I am also convinced that the major trend in the sector will still give us natural organic growth, as frozen food takes market share from fresh food.

Peter Lång, Head of Division, KWH Freeze

KWH Freeze – The biggest frozen storage company

  • Almost half of all frozen food consumed in Finland passes through the company’s warehouse in Vantaa.
  • Over the past five years, KWH Freeze has grown steadily thanks to major investments in expanded capacity.
  • The business is highly digitised and customers’ IT systems are integrated in KWH Freeze’s IT system.
  • This enables fast, automatic deliveries, and also real-time updating of stock balances.
  • The main customer groups are the wholesale trade, various food industry operators and importers of frozen food.
  • Many frozen foods are typically seasonal products, which means that KWH Freeze gives its customers the opportunity for great flexibility in terms of volumes.


Key Figures




KWH Freeze's share of KWH Group's personnel was 4%.


KWH Freeze's investments 2022 were 1.5 meur. A graph over KWH Freeze's investments 2018-2022. KWH Freeze's share of KWH Group's gross investments in 2022 was 2%.



Kim Elonen, Risk Management and Safety Manager; Eija Savela, CFO
Mika Halvorsen, Development Manager; Anu Saari, IT-Manager
Anne Turunen, Chief Accountant, Jari Paasonen, Warehouse Manager
Stefan Thielman, Warehouse and Transportation Superior; Jonne Siitari, IT and Process Coordinator