We are the 80th largest employer in Finland

The KWH Group has risen ten places in Talouselämä magazine’s 100 largest employers ranking. Now the group is number 80 in the statistics.

The biggest growth in personnel has been in our largest division, Mirka, which increased its staff by 142 people during 2021. The average number of employees in the KWH Group as a whole in 2021 was 2,487, of which Mirka accounted for 1,549. In Finland, the KWH Group had 1688 employees.

We have experienced strong growth in recent years. In 2017, we had 1,729 employees and were ranked 100 on the Talouselämäs list.

KWH Groups's personnel development 2017-2021.
The Group personnel 2017-2021.

The number of personnel is expected to continue to grow. For example, Mirka is currently recruiting a large number of IT professionals.

Kjell Antus.– We are in a strong growth phase. To implement our plans, we need to hire around 100 people this year in Ostrobothnia and across Finland. Personnel is our company’s key asset. We want to continue to be at the forefront of our industry, which is why we are also investing in the skills and well-being of our staff, says Kjell Antus, Group CEO.

The list of Finland’s 100 largest employers is based on data collected by Talouselämä’s editorial team on Finland’s largest companies in 2021. Public sector employers are not included. The latest statistics is published in Talouselämä issue 28 (19.8.2022). Talouselämä is the largest business weekly in the Nordic countries.