The KWH Group supports universities

The KWH Group has donated Åbo Akademi university and Svenska Handelshögskolan (Hanken) university both EUR 10 000 to their funding campaigns. They both have campuses in Vaasa. Hanken’s donation is for the university in general and Åbo Akademi’s donation is allocated to technics.

– We have supported universities that are located on our region, because without a good-quality education and research we would have difficulties in finding enough knowledgeable personnel. Co-operation with universities is important to our subsidiaries, motivates Group President Kjell Antus the donations.

The KWH Group has also previously supported Hanken and Abo Akademi’s funding campaigns. Earlier we have donated also to the University of Vaasa, the Vaasa University of Applied Sciences (VAMK) and the University of Applied Sciences Novia.

The matched funding investment from the state always becomes a part of the basic capital of the university. The university can only use the return of the matched funding investment. The donated sum itself can either be used as such or invested in a fund to support the strategy of the university.

The Government of Finland will provide Finnish universities with capitalisation in between 15 June 2020 and 30 June 2022 thanks to a contribution allocated by the Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra. EUR 67 million will be allocated in autumn 2022 based on fundraising that entitles the universities to receive matched funding from the Finnish Government.

The matched funding per university can be EUR 11 million at highest. Each donated euro may yield up to 2.5 euros as long as the donation follows the rules of the campaign. For a donation to be eligible for capitalisation, it must be allocated to the university’s activities in general without restrictive terms concerning the use of the donation.