The KWH Group is Finland’s 120th largest company in terms of turnover

In this year’s Talouselämä 500 survey, the KWH Group is the 120th largest company in Finland in terms of turnover. Our ranking has improved with one place since a year ago. Among others, Valmet Automotive and Schenker were placed after us. Among family businesses, we are ranked 14th largest in terms of turnover.

Last year, the KWH Group invested 86 million euros. Based on the investments, we ranked 50th on the list of Finland’s largest companies. Most of our investments were made in Finland.

– We continue to invest heavily in Finland as here we have good opportunities to grow and achieve long-term success. Skilled and loyal staff are also important for us, says Head of Administration and Finance Carl-Magnus Tidström.

Taulukko Suomen 500 suurimmasta yritykestä, KWH-yhtymä sijalla 120.The corona pandemic meant that many companies dropped out of the list of the 500 largest companies in Finland. At the same time, new companies joined the list. For many companies, last year meant either strong growth or a sharp decline. For the KWH Group, the year meant a slight decrease in net sales, but due to our quick actions, we managed to achieve an increase in operating profit.

– Our rapid adjustments when demand collapsed in the spring of 2020 helped us achieve the necessary savings. To our delight, demand increased sharply again immediately after the summer, says Group President Kjell Antus.

The current state of the companies is also classified in the survey with a TE-rating, which is Talouselämä’s own indicator. It is calculated based on the company’s return on invested capital, equity, debt and change in sales. In this year’s list, the average TE-rating is 7.4 compared to 7.6 a year ago. The KWH Group’s TE-rating is 8.3, which is clearly above average.

– Our good rating is largely due to our strong equity ratio, Tidström explains.

The Talouselämä 500 report has been published since 1990. Talouselämä is the largest economic weekly magazine in the Nordic.