Rauanheimo expands in Hanko

Oy M. Rauanheimo Ab has signed a letter of intent with Port of Hanko Ltd to start a long-term cooperation.

The common goal is to develop the port of Koverhar (that is one of the ports in Hanko) and its operations in the long term for both transit and domestic traffic and for various product segments. The goal is to start large-scale bulk handling in the autumn of 2019 and ship it through Koverhar. The aim is to handle approximately 1.5 million tonnes of bulk products during the first 12 months.

Rauanheimos business is growing rapidly and in 2019 the turnover is expected to be about EUR 140 million and cargo handling 11.6 million tons. Extension to Koverhar is part of Rauanheimo purposeful development strategy. The port of Hanko is the southernmost harbor in Finland with fast connections to Middle Europe, Russia and the whole of Finland. The port of Koverhar has become a part of the port of Hanko in 2014 and has an area over 600 000 m2. It offers bulk goods an excellent access to all over the world.

Rauanheimo’s sister company Stevena has operated in Port of Hanko already since 2004 and has established there a strong position. Stevena operates specially in the Western Harbour, but functions also in Koverhar. Stevena takes care of about 40% of the volymes in Port of Hanko. The letter of intent has no effect on its operations. Stevena continues serving its customers the same way as before.