KWH Group’s result improved remarkably

The KWH Group achieved the high expectations set for 2017. Turnover increased by 18%, and profits reached the record level with 31% profit improvement.

All the business divisions, Mirka, KWH Logistics and KWH Invest, reported excellent growth. The KWH Group is now reaping the benefit of a successful product and services development approach in which we put the customer in focus.

The group has recruited significantly during the year 2017. By the end of the year the amount of personnel reached 2000 people and the growth continues.

– Despite investment in technical improvements through automation and robotization, the need for qualified personnel has increased. During the year, the workforce increased by around 230. Through continued active recruitment of key resources, as well as continued investment in staff development, we can ensure that we have the necessary personnel resources and expertise available to meet the demands of the business environment of the future, characterized by digitalization and rapid technical development, says CEO Kjell Antus.

Striving for constant renewal

All of the Group’s business groups are planning for continued stable growth. The Group’s substantial investment of EUR 53 million during 2017 is further proof of the company´s strong belief in continuing growth in the future. Most of the investments were to Finland. In addition to that, Mirka bought itself a daughter company CAFRO S.p.A. from Italy. It will strengthen the development within Mirka.

– Our long-term strategies are built on flexibility, constant renewal through dynamic innovation and readiness to transform our operation rapidly in response to the demands we face, reveals Antus.