KWH – The Knowledge Company


Our success is based on an active pursuit of renewal

Through digitization, commercial, and technical innovation, we create the prerequisites for continuous and thorough renewal leading to lasting competitiveness and long-term profitability.

As a family company with committed owners, we actively build and develop independent and leading companies

  • We create value by being an active and long-term owner. Financial strength and deep industrial knowledge, contribute to sustainable development in our companies.
  • We develop knowledge-intensive, focused, and service-oriented niche businesses. These businesses are adapted to industry realities and are built around unique products, processes or industry positions that offer long-term competitive advantages.
  • We are an international, diversified industrial group, a service provider in the logistics industry, and financial investor.


We create growth and profitability in all our companies by:

  • Focusing on customers and customer values
  • Encouraging innovation and bold new thinking
  • Being knowledge leaders
  • Allowing all employees to fulfill their potential
  • Having ambition to become best-in-class in our main processes
  • Building independent business units with strong development potential
  • Continuously exploring and utilizing new business opportunities
  • Taking well-balanced risks
  • Maintaining financial strength as a basis for renewal