The board is responsible for the administration and appropriate organization of the Company operations. The board supervises and controls the operative management of the Company, approves the strategic goals and risk management principles as well as ensures the management system operations.

The Annual General Meeting elects 6 to 12 members to the Board of Directors. The Board's term ends at the termination of the first Annual General Meeting following the election.

Board 2018

Henrik Höglund
Vöyri, BSc (Econ), Chairman since 1998, Board Member since 1974

Ola Tidström
Vöyri, MSc (Econ), Vice Chairman since 1993, Board Member since 1975

Björn Höglund
Uusikaarlepyy, MSc (Econ), Board Member since 2018

Peter Höglund
Vaasa, BA, Board Member since 1973, Chairman 1988–1997

Sofia Kohtala
Espoo, Hotel and Restaurant Manager, Board Member since 2014

Caj-Anders Skog
Pietarsaari, BSc (Econ), Board Member since 2016

Janneke von Wendt
Kangasala, MSc (Econ), Board Member since 2016